Nobis Hotels

Nobis Hospitality Group is a family-owned group of first-class design hotels, restaurants, and event venues. Based in Scandinavia, with Italian roots and currently expanding into international markets, the hotel group offers authentic experiences in historical buildings. Each venue in the group has its own distinctive personality, based on its individual history and tradition.

Nobis Hotel Palma is the third Nobis Hotel by the Scandinavian Nobis Hospitality Group, following Nobis Hotel Stockholm and Nobis Hotel Copenhagen. Nobis Hotels is a five-star contemporary luxury experience, where travellers and locals are welcome to enjoy Nobis's personal definition of luxury – a relaxed, friendly, and elegant experience - without the unne­cessary excess and artificial service that is still often associated with luxury in a traditional sense. Nobis Hotels offers a sophisticated atmosphere and a genuine experience with attention to every little detail.

Nobis Hotels' signature restaurant NOI is a vibrant meeting point for locals and travellers alike. With culinary inspiration from the best of European Cuisine, NOI also pays tribute to the local food scene, offering ingredients and flavours from the city where it's currently operating.