The Library

The Library is a historical meeting space of 51 sqm, suitable for intimate gatherings of up to 8 people. One meeting space area and one living room area with an eclectic mix of characteristic furniture make this a non-formal space for non-corporate meetings. A seashell lamp from Dusty Deco, an oversized Elefant Chair from Tacchini, and a comfortable sofa from Arflex are some pieces of furniture to be found in this somewhat quirky interior dream. The Library also boasts a small balcony, that at some point in history was a bridge connecting our building with the neighboring house.

A clearly visible arch from the Gothic 15th century makes the Library one of Palma's most historically protected rooms. Parts of the room are from the 15th-century Gothic area, and other parts have been added in later stages of construction.

51 square meters
8 people
Boardroom seating/Living room seating